Monday, June 12, 2006

A rebirth, of sorts.

Thanks for the push, Joe. The Law-Talking Guy lives again, and really wishes he was in Las Vegas with all the other lefty 'bloggers.

Anyway, hopefully you all will find this forum at least a little bit useful and enlightening. I'm looking forward to any comments, criticisms, or questions you may have. Thanks!


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Get talkin' political talking guy ;)

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That was Heather BTW

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Dr. Jachen-mipants said...

after birth, of sorts?

Look Ann just happens to speak to what over 80% of the US desires, get rid of the whack jobs and kick out the illegals. They have to earn their way just like we all have had....and the other 200 million or so as well. I am tired of my taxes being pee'd down the legs of save the owls, were causing greenhouse, worry about everyone else, recycle......blab blah blah........ya know, I am really starting to feel verklempt (sp).

Anyway, good to digress and may Ann be our next president.


Joey Pafigliano