Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fearless Predictions - NFL

1) PATRIOTS: No Vinatieri and aging Dillon mean Pats take a step back, but still class of the division.
2) DOLPHINS: Culpepper has something to prove, but still a year off.
3) BILLS: The corner has been turned, but not enough to challenge.
4) JETS: Rough year in store for new coaching staff.

1) BENGALS: Defense enough to answer questions about Palmer's health.
2) STEELERS: Defending champs still not enough to win division.
3) RAVENS: Adding aging McNair doesn't make defense any younger.
4) BROWNS: Not awful, just bad, this year.

1) COLTS: Could this be the year, even without Edge?
2) JAGUARS: Good, not great, enough to compete.
3) TEXANS: No Reggie Bush, but still a marked improvement.
4) TITANS: Some promising rookies, but lack of talent means a struggle.

1) CHIEFS: Improvements in defense push Chiefs over the edge.
2) BRONCOS: Plummer is not a QB for long term success.
3) CHARGERS: Rivers will be good, just not this year.
4) RAIDERS: Probably the worst team in the NFL this year.

PLAYOFFS: 1) Chiefs, 2) Colts, 3) Bengals, 4) Patriots, 5) Steelers, 6) Broncos. Bengals over Broncos, Steelers over Patriots. Chiefs over Steelers, Colts over Bengals. Colts over Chiefs.

1) GIANTS: Eli's year to step up.
2) REDSKINS: Good defense, but QB play will hold them back.
3) COWBOYS: Addition of TO doesn't help.
4) EAGLES: Subtraction of TO doesn't help, either.

1) LIONS: Mike Martz and Jon Kitna make the difference.
2) BEARS: Good defense, no offense, not enough this year.
3) VIKINGS: Loss of Robinson makes a difference.
4) PACKERS: Favre is great, but not enough around him.

1) PANTHERS: Class of the NFC
2) FALCONS: Good defense, more weapons for Vick improves squad.
3) BUCCANEERS: Young at skill positions, a year off.
4) SAINTS: Will compete this year, but not ready to succeed.

1) SEAHAWKS: Something to prove after Super Bowl failure.
2) CARDINALS: Juggernaut in the making, but O-line deficiency ends hopes.
3) RAMS: Rebuilding from Martz will take a year or two.
4) 49ERS: Direction is right, but a ways off.

PLAYOFFS: 1) Seahawks, 2) Panthers, 3) Giants, 4) Lions, 5) Falcons, 6) Redskins. Giants over Redskins, Falcons over Lions. Seahawks over Giants, Panthers over Falcons. Panthers over Seahawks.

SUPER BOWL XLI: Colts over Panthers

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