Friday, November 03, 2006

NU Re-View: Oklahoma State 41, Nebraska 29


- B-JAX: OK, I will admit it, I’m using that nickname only because it sounds a lot like a Mortal Kombat character. But Brandon Jackson has really surprised a number of ‘Husker observers with his performance and his tenacity. I think it’s safe to say that the Quad Squad of running backs is a thing of the past, and B-Jax is the main man.

- FIRST HALF ROAD GAME PLAN: Once again, Nebraska got out to a quick start by running the ball on the road. The plan started well, and then … well, it could have gone better.

- NOTHING: As Monty Python’s cardinals from the Spanish Inquisition would say, “we have three weapons, surprise, fear, and nothing. There is no third thing.” Given the way the game in Stillwater went, I can’t think of a third good thing, either. (That one’s for you, Frank)


- THE SECOND HALF: Yeesh. Once again, Nebraska’s defense got torched. Disturbing similarities to the Kansas game this year, except without the offense able to rebound.

- ZAC TAYLOR: Please don’t get me wrong, Zac has performed admirably in the role he’s been thrust into. But he did not have a good game against the Cowboys, and he’s been struggling a lot, making poor decisions and making poor throws. At this point, you have to wonder if the progress we saw was the peak of his talent.

- HYPERVENTILATING NEBRASKA FAN: It’s truly amazing the difference one week makes. After the Texas game, ‘Husker fan was booking tickets to Kansas City for the Big XII championship and dreaming BCS dreams. After the Oklahoma State game, the same ‘Husker fan was crucifying Callahan and Co. and discussing replacement coaches. Talk about your short memories.


Yes, boys and girls, this one really is the big one. Missouri is coming to town with the Big XII North championship basically on the line. Missouri has struggled all year to stop the run, but also runs a spread offense that puts pressure on Nebraska’s weak secondary. The game sets up a fascinating match of strength-versus-weakness on both sides of the ball, which could make for an entertaining game.


In Year One of the Callahan regime, NU went 5-6. In Year Two, NU improved to 8-5 with a bowl win. In Year Three, the bar was set at winning the Big XII North and playing in the championship game. That goal is sixty minutes and a reeling Mizzou team away. Regardless of the sturm und drang on talk radio this week, Nebraska’s resurgence is right on track … if they win on Saturday.


Missouri at Nebraska (-5 ½). I should have known that banking on Nebraska being perfect against the number would be a jinx. I’ll take responsibility for that one. But this week Nebraska has 85,000 reasons why they should win by at least a touchdown. Thanks to the Sea of Red, Nebraska covers. Take Nebraska, give the points.

GBR, baby.

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