Thursday, June 07, 2007

More from the "Making it Hard to Be a Christian" club

Here's a quote from a press release from the American Life League, specifically from their youth outreach director, Erik Whittington:

"It is shameful that Christians would rally around the physical needs of the poor and ignore the deaths of untold millions of babies. Abortion is poverty and the number one priority of our day should be its demise."

Wow. So the American Life League thinks that Christians working to address the physical needs of the poor is "shameful." It's been pretty obvious that the lunatic right-wing fringe of the evangelical Christian movement likes to ignore certain squishy-liberal parts of the Bible to maintain their Republican-inspired "warrior of God" facade. Remember when Rev. Joel Hunter had to step down as leader of the Christian Coalition because he had the temerity to suggest that the Christian group should focus on things like poverty and climate change? He got the boot because the membership of the Christian Coalition felt that those issues wouldn't "speak to the group's base."

That's maddening enough. But when the ALL has the hubris to actually say in a press release that Christians caring for the poor is "shameful" really shows how disconnected hard Right groups like the ALL are from the political mainstream - and, in my opinion, from the message of Jesus.

And, by the way, if you go to the ALL's website to check out the press release, you can also pick up a copy of their fabulous new publication, "Saving Those Damned Catholics." Because, apparently, the Catholic Church isn't pro-life enough for the ALL. Ain't that sweet?

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