Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Romneys on security priorities

Wonderful little quote at the end of a piece on ( from Ann Romney about liquid restrictions on airlines. Whether or not the TSA rule is a good idea or not, it's fascinating to see the wife of the guy who is so tough on security he wants to double Guantanamo advocating loosening a security rule because she "can't make it work" when she has to fly with The Littles on commercial planes. Seems to me someone could make some nice hay with this one.


"Some of the time I fly private -- which is really terrific -- but most of the time I fly commercial, and as you know, you are only allowed three ounces and one of the tiny quart-size bags. I can't make that work." -- Ann Romney, promising to reverse TSA restrictions on liquids if she becomes first lady.

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