Thursday, August 16, 2007

NU Pre-View:Big XII 2007

1) Nebraska - One of the two most talented teams in the north, talent gap should propel 'Huskers to another divisional crown.
2) Missouri - Only team in the North that can compete with Nebraska on talent, but coaching deficiency keeps them out of the spotlight.
3) Kansas - The most dangerous also-ran in the North, capable of winning any game, but not enough horses to be consistent.
4) Kansas State - A year away from competing for the title. The Purples have the coach to bring the program back.
5) Iowa State - The reboot of Cyclone football probably started a year late, but Gene Chizek will make the 'Clones respectable this year, and dangerous soon.
6) Colorado - Coaching at a mid-major and coaching at a major school are two different skill sets. Dan Hawkins is good at one, maybe not at the other. Buffs' struggles continue.

1) Oklahoma - Quarterback only real question, and the best coach in the conference makes up for it.
2) Texas - Lots 'o talent as always, but let's see Mack Brown win something without Vince Young.
3) Oklahoma State - The new "other" team in the South, the Cowboys will win one big game this year they aren't supposed to.
4) Texas A&M - Dennis Franchione isn't Gary Pinkel, but aTm peaked last year and starts a slide.
5) Texas Tech - Defense. At some point the Mad Bomber in Lubbock will figure out that teams play defense, too. Until then, the Red Raiders are a novelty.
6) Baylor - The gap between the rest of the South and Baylor is much smaller than it has been, but Baylor still last in the field.

BIG XII CHAMPIONSHIP: Oklahoma defeats Nebraska (again, sigh)

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