Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NU Pre-View:NCAA Top 25 2007

1) USC: Not a stretch, best talent in the country.
2) LSU: Only team that really competes with USC in talent.
3) Michigan: Now is the time for Carr to prove himself again.
4) West Virginia: Leadership and experience make 'Neers dangerous.
5) Oklahoma: Solid QB play = BCS title contention.
6) Wisconsin: Under the radar last year, dark horse to play for title
7) Florida: Can Tebow be the guy in Gainesville?
8) Louisville: Brohm & Co. can be dangerous.
9) Texas: Massive talent stockpile in Austin.
10) Virginia Tech: Sentimental pick, need good QB play.
11) Rutgers: Last year wasn't a fluke. Sleeping giant in the Northeast.
12) California: The main challenger to USC in the Pac-10.
13) UCLA: Not as good as Cal, but a legit challenger.
14) Ohio State: Tressel has to reload and regroup after title debacle.
15) Boise State: Johnson's return makes Broncos legit.
16) Auburn: Can the Tigers get over the big hump this year?
17) Nebraska: If Keller's the guy, NU could get good fast.
18) Penn State: JoePa keeps putting good teams on the field.
19) Georgia: Richt has things to prove in Athens.
20) Tennessee: Ditto for Fullmer in Knoxville.
21) TCU: Pesky Frogs still a threat to crack the BCS party.
22) Hawai'i: Brennan's great, but can anybody tell with their schedule?
23) Florida State: Has Bowden brought the 'Noles back enough?
24) Arkansas: Nutt has big problems, needs to deliver this year.
25) Oklahoma State: Up and coming Big XII power.


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