Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The "Betray Us" distraction

An amazingly strong quote from David Schuster, lancing Republican Congresswoman Martha Blackburn for trying to djinn up more outrage about's "General Betray Us" ad in an attempt to distract voters from, you know, the actual war.

Maybe Keith Olbermann is having an effect on his MSNBC colleagues. In an event, kudos to Schuster for making such a good point in such a strong and pointed manner.

The link can be found here, written by Cliff Schechter.


From yesterday's show, when another GOP orangutan, Rep. Martha Blackburn, pretended to be offended by the MoveOn ad:

Shuster: "Let's talk about the public trust. You represent, of course, a district in western Tennessee. What was the name of the last solider from your district who was killed in Iraq?"

Blackburn:"The name of the last soldier killed in Iraq uh - from my district I - I do not know his name -"

Shuster: "Ok, his name was Jeremy Bohannon, he was killed August the 9th, 2007. How come you didn't know the name?"

Blackburn: "I - I, you know, I - I do not know why I did not know the name..." [Snip]

Shuster: "But you weren't appreciative enough to know the name of this young man, he was 18 years old who was killed, and yet you can say chapter and verse about what's going on with the New York Times and Move" [Snip]

Shuster: "But don't you understand, the problems that a lot of people would have, that you're so focused on an ad -- when was the last time a New York Times ad ever killed somebody? I mean, here we have a war that took the life of an 18 year old kid, Jeremy Bohannon from your district, and you didn't even know his name.

No, she doesn't understand, sadly. Because she is the walking embodiment of what a joke our government has become.

She is probably going to vote to cut children's health care with her President, and already has made sure young men and women from her part of Tennessee and the rest of this country keep dying by the bushel in an America-weakening war based upon lies. But she is "outraged" by a newspaper ad.

But seriously, thanks for at least trying David (we need more like you), even if attempting to reason with her is like trying to to teach a wind-up doll to poll vault.

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