Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Ten preview

1) OHIO STATE: A full season of Terrell Pryor gives the Buckeyes enough firepower to win the conference

2) PENN STATE: Favorable scheduling - including getting Iowa in Happy Valley - lets JoePa's boys stay on Ohio State's heels

3) IOWA: Having to replace Shonn Green and go to Penn State make a Rose Bowl run unlikely.

4) NORTHWESTERN: Returning talent at the skill position will help the 'Cats to a surprise finish.

5) MICHIGAN STATE: A team on the rise, but lost too much firepower offensively to contend.

6) WISCONSIN: Is Bielema coaching for his job? With Bucky's underachievements under him, it's time to start thinking about it.

7) ILLINOIS: Proof positive that karma exists. Illinois didn't deserve a Rose Bowl berth two years ago, and the raised expectations are dogging Zook and Co. now.

8) MICHIGAN: If having two quarterbacks means you really have none, then having three means, what, you have negative one QB? RichRod struggles again in Ann Arbor.

9) MINNESOTA: The new stadium is wicked cool. Unfortunately, everyone graduated last year.

10) PURDUE: Joe Tiller is gone, and unfortunately, it appears he took the football program with him.

11) INDIANA: At least their uniforms are better than in the Antwan Randel-El era. That's about all you can say positive about the Hoosiers.

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hawkeye fjord said...

1) OHIO STATE: They have to gel as a team and have proven that they can choke in the communication factor on the field. They find their groove and yes you are on.

2) PENN STATE: Indeed these boys look like the have the greatest opportunity to shine this season....go get em Papa Joe

3) IOWA: not only will they have big shoes with the running back but I would consider them having a green quarterback.....these guys HAVE to talk to each other and their o line has to contain.

4) NORTHWESTERN: I would agree, the cats have a great opportunity this year to make a name for themselves.....however they still have some young ones that could buckle under the pressure....their captains have to mentor well.

5) MICHIGAN STATE: Their secondary is hot cold......they are a growing team......

6) WISCONSIN: dont know enough on them

7) ILLINOIS: Honestly, they do have talent but they have more often than not been treated like they are entitled

8) MICHIGAN: I have no idea what the strategy of the staff is at this time.......priorties appear to be perhaps in the wrong areas?

9) MINNESOTA: fresh players, new stadium.....they could be the STL Cards of baseball for college big ten...1996 new stadium, world champions....then again that was pro ball and they have AL-BEAR-TOE

10) PURDUE: Total do over....this team got the rap of the nins knuckles.....and it drew blood.

11) INDIANA: WHO-SHUERS, WOOZ-bers, SCOOZe-ers, oh yeah, I get it....LOU-ZERS