Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NU Pre-View: Big XII edition

1) Nebraska: The winner of the game in Lawrence takes the division crown. I think that's the boys in scarlet and cream.
2) Kansas: The Jayhawks have the edge in experience, but not in talent.
3) Missouri: That's a lot of talent to lose to the NFL. Plus, their coach is still Gary Pinkel.
4) Colorado: The only question is whether Hawkins makes it to the end of the season before he gets the sack.
5) Kansas State: It's not like the Purples played well at the end of Snyder's reign last time.
6) Iowa State: Austin Arnaud. Running a spread offense. Yeah, that should work well.

1) Oklahoma: If you don't think the Sooners are on a mission after the championship game last year, you're nuts.
2) Texas: Mack Brown is still Mack Brown. And Colt McCoy ain't Vince Young.
3) Oklahoma State: The 42-year-old coach has a team that will put up a lot of points. And give up a lot of points.
4) Baylor: Don't look now, but the Bears are getting better. Robert Griffin might be the most exciting QB in the conference.
5) Texas Tech: See State, Oklahoma.
6) Texas A&M: Boy, does College Station look a lot like Lincoln circa 2005 right now.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Oklahoma over Nebraska.

Oklahoma - BCS National Championship
Nebraska - Cotton
Texas - Fiesta
Oklahoma State - Holiday
Kansas - Alamo
Missouri - Sun
Baylor - Insight
Texas Tech - Independence
Colorado - No bowl
Kansas State - No bowl
Texas A&M - No bowl
Iowa State - No bowl

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