Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chapter 1: The Eagles Have Landed!

Well, we're here. Just a few quick observations.

Flying coach, even on an international flight, ain't the Ritz. It doesn't help, when, after your flight, you walk through business class and see their seats which recline into beds and their quilted blankets. And that's only business class. I can't image what first class is like, but I expect it includes some form of massage.

Heathrow is a very old airport, and very much had a feel like Laguardia in New York. Getting through customs was a breeze (stamp one on the new passport!) and we eventually made our way to the Underground. Before that, though, we stopped for snacks and to get British pounds from the ATM. Apparently I'm going to need a new wallet for this trip, as the pound notes are a tad fatter than dollars.

The Underground was slick, although of course the line that went to our hotel was out of service. We had to wander around for a bit, before punting and taking a taxi to the hotel. For the first time, we had a cabbie who refused to talk, apart from getting directions and taking our money. Welcome to London.

We're making our plans for the rest of the day, although with our Underground stop being out of commission, our plans might be a little complicated.

More to come, including pictures. Thanks for joining us on the adventure!

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janis hovenkamp ip and antitrust said...

Way to go Patrick and Mary Beth. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter!