Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chapter 1a:So THAT'S What Jet Lag Feels Like

I neglected earlier to mention that we're staying at the Phoenix Hotel, a very nice (if not entirely spacious) hotel across the street from Kensington Gardens. When arriving, one of the real attractions to the hotel was that it is very close to an Underground station, meaning we could hop on the tube and get just about anywhere we want to go.

Which is a great plan. Except for the part about the Underground station nearest the hotel being "under service" for the weekend.

So, we were a little limited in what we were able to do. Because neither of our smartphones are global, we've both (and by we, I really mean me) realized how dependent on smartphones we've become to get around. Actually having to read a map to figure out how to get around? How quaint! How's that work again?

We ended up just exploring the neighborhood around the hotel, called Bayswater. It's a little touristy, but seeing that we're tourists, it seemed to work out well. We had fish and chips for our first meal at the Bayswater Arms, which really was better there than anyplace I've had it back home. We did a little shopping, involving Mary Beth diving into gift-purchasing and me buying a new wallet that will actually hold British currency. I think I was in high school the last time I had a nylon wallet with a velcro closure, but at least it was cheap. And it has an Arsenal logo on it.

We got back to the hotel room with great plans to walk through Kensington Gardens, and maybe over to Harrod's. That's when the jet lag kicked in. Mary Beth pretty quickly fell asleep after a "quick lie down," and I wasn't far behind. I did watch the first half of the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester United and Arsenal, but fell asleep after Manchester United went up 2-0.

(Insert your own joke about soccer putting you to sleep even without jet lag here)

We pretty much spent the rest of the evening in the hotel room, watching British television, which is spectacularly awful in a completely different way than American television is awful. The plan for the evening was to make plans for tomorrow, which didn't happen. So, tomorrow's chapter will be a surprise!

Your first batch of pictures are here, you lucky people. I'll update this album as we accumulate pictures and videos. You're welcome.

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Neat photos -- very London-y

Hope you guys are having fun!