Tuesday, March 08, 2011

European Vacation (sans Chevy Chase)

For those of you not aware, Mary Beth and I are heading "over the pond" to England, Scotland, and France. We leave March 11, and get back on March 20.

I will be attempting to post a daily "travel-blog" of our adventures, including pictures. You can follow along here, which will make the tedious "let's see your travel slides" get-together once we get back much shorter.

Any advice on our trip is welcome, although I would ask you to refrain from the "can't you guys just stay over there?" gags. You're better than that.

For those of you who would like a preview to whet your appetite, or if you're the type who just reads a book synopsis off the dust jacket and pretends to your friends that you've read the whole book, here's the places we will be going and the things we will be seeing:

FRIDAY, 03/11
Leave Omaha for Chicago. Wait three hours in O'Hare. Have positive, humane interactions with thoughtful TSA workers. Fly from O'Hare to Heathrow. Watch "Jersey Shore" marathon on flight to ensure the maximum ugly-American-ness when arriving on foreign soil.

Unstructured day in London. Enjoy wonderful British cuisine. Alternatively, view British cuisine as the best weight loss plan we've seen in months.

SUNDAY, 03/13
Check out the London Eye, Tower of London, Big Ben, and other stereotypical touristy things. Complain loudly that the BBC isn't running a three-hour analysis of the March Madness brackets.

MONDAY, 03/14
Spend most of the day in the hotel room filling out brackets. Alternatively, explore one of the great cities on Earth. But probably spend most of the day filling out brackets.

TUESDAY, 03/15
Fly from London to Edinburgh to experience first-hand my Scottish heritage.

Fly from Edinburgh to London, with a full understanding of why my ancestors left Scotland.

Finish up seeing all the sights in London, because, really, there can't be that much to see there, right?

FRIDAY, 03/18
Ride a train under the English Channel (which is only slightly more insane than riding a metal tube thousands of feet over the ocean) to Paris, go to the Louvre, risk getting arrested by trying to re-enact scenes from "The Da Vinci Code." Return to London, and be pleasantly reminded how nice it is to deal with people who do not treat you with open contempt.

Take a train from London to Birmingham for Premier League soccer game between Aston Villa and Wolverhampton. Prepare for indignant fans, after hearing my accent, to insist that I refer to the game as football instead of "sah-ker." Avoid urge to get into a fight, as British football fans have WAY more experience with fighting than I do.

SUNDAY, 03/20
Return to Omaha, assuming the looming Federal government shutdown doesn't strand us in London and force us to extend our vacation. Guys, if you want to take a few extra days to make sure you get the whole budget thing right, we're cool with that.

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